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Syukur Nikmat Bersama Be U

Register your Qurban 2024 with Be U & EZQurban!

Be U has teamed up with EZQurban to offer a promotion of Qurban 2024 especially for Be U by Bank Islam users!

Animal sacrifice or Qurban on Eid Al-Adha is sunnah muakkad, which is highly encouraged in Islam for those who fulfil the conditions of eligibility to perform Qurban. This acclaimed worship done by the Prophet Ibrahim AS on his son the Prophet Ismail AS fulfilling the commandment of Allah SWT. Following this incident, it also teaches us about the gratitude for Allah SWT and His blessings.


Global Qurban

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2024 Qurban Price List

Cattle | RM 350

One part only.

Goat | RM590


Cattle | RM 2,450


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Click www.ezqurban.org or "Register Now" button. Choose and make Qurban registration by completing your Qurban details.

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Confirm your details and perform your aqad.

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Make your payment using Be U Visa Debit Card-i to enjoy your discount.

*10% off only applicable for Global Qurban.

*Valid for first 3,000 registrations only. 

For more info regarding Syukur Nikmat Bersama Be U, please refer to Terms and Conditions

Syukur Nikmat Bersama Be U is powered by EZQurban:

The son of Adam does not do any deed on the Day of Sacrifice that is dearer to Allah than shedding blood. It will come on the Day of Resurrection with its horns and cloven hoofs and hair. Its blood is accepted by Allah before it reaches the ground. So, be content when you do it.

Sunan al-Tirmizi - No. 1493