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Get a takaful coverage for as low as RM 0.80 per day!

In a world where everyone deserves peace of mind, Microtakaful steps in to provide accessible and affordable protection for U. Microtakaful coverage should be a need not a want. * Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad is an authorized distributor of Zurich General Takaful Malaysia Berhad with SenangNVS Sdn Bhd as the service provider.

Why Microtakaful ?

Tailored for U

Our products are designed for U, who are seeking for an individual personal coverage. We have plans that suits your needs.

Affordability for All

We understand the importance of keeping costs low. Microtakaful offers coverage that fits your budget without compromising on the quality of protection.

Accessible to All

No matter your background or circumstances, Microtakaful is here for U. We are committed to breaking down barriers to ensure everyone has the assurance when you're on the job.

Did you know?

Your Be U Microtakaful basic contribution includes the following breakdown:

Management Fee (18.5%)

and Commission (25%).

How to Apply for Microtakaful?

Step 1

Open your Discover dashboard and click “Microtakaful”

Step 2

Choose your microtakaful effective date

Step 3

Choose your desired plan for your need

Step 4

Confirmation and Pay

Step 5

You have successfully purchased Microtakaful plan

Step 6

Check your certificate at your Microtakaful dashboard

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Ready to take control of financial well-being?

Explore our range of Microtakaful products and find the coverage that suits you best.

Peace of mind is just a click away.